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I have been contributing to open source for the last 3 years and Red Hat was one of the companies that I was very fond of. I must say all my contributions and consistency paid off, and I made it to the Red Hat as a DevTools intern. This post is about onboarding and how I prepared myself for working on the actual project.

On the first day of my internship, I met two amazing teammates Saytam and Utkarsh. We were also introduced to a Senior Software Engineer Piyush Garg who later mentored us. The initial few meetings were more on the introduction and what to learn topics. Before I jump into more details let me explain first what does a DevTools Developer/Engineer do?

What does a DevTools Developer/Engineer do?

From MDN Web Docs Developer tools (or "development tools" or short "DevTools") are programs that allow a developer to create, test, and debug software. At RedHat, a lot of open source developer tools of industry standards are developed. There are many, OpenShift, Tekton, CodeReady containers, and many more.

Not so Minimal Tekton Server

In late January, we were asked to implement our learnings and deep dive into Kubernetes and TektonCD through an assignment project. Soon we realized that whatever we were learning so far was not even close to what we were going to implement. We were given a document containing the requirements of the applications we were supposed to create along with all the documentation and architectural diagrams.

The application was called Minimal Tekton Server. It is a set of three different applications, i.e a server, a CLI, and a dashboard. In short, this application is supposed to listen to custom resources being created and then transfer the request to Tekton API to create the corresponding resource on the OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster.

So are you interested in how it went? Please follow up with my next blog.

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