The Interstellar Twilight

Yeah, it was a dream someday. I never imagined you. But I do remember glimpses of a wonderful person in my deep slumber. When I go back to last year about the same time, I find myself a manic who gets carried away with every emotion. Becoming too happy about something and then becoming too sad was so common that I never noticed what I was risking.

"If in the Twilight of dreams we should meet once more, we shell talk again together and I shall sing to you a lullaby till you sleep again to meet me in the Twilight of another dream."

But 1 year ago many things changed. A never seen dream came true. To be honest I was skeptical if all this happening to me was true. Even until last December. Gradually things started falling into places. And for the most part, the reality became more real. I can now easily see what is happening and why it happened. Everything was so nice until we had a fight. Then another, and now it was every other day story. It was a really hard time collecting everything together and act as nothing happened after every single of those. Everything was plunging. I started imagining the end of something that I did not imagine to happen in the first place.

But during all those times, there was a continual intuition that maybe there is something that we both are missing. And that was maybe the root of all chaos. I never came to know that what it was neither did you. But I do realize many mistakes I have been doing since we met.

I want to thank you for not losing hope in me. We both always tried to reduce tension as much as we could. And thank you for many other ineffable things happened because of you.

As of now I can see things making sense. Every message, every talk now seems to make sense. I am more deeply into this friendship if I was not ever before. The ecstasy of having you is other-worldly. I don't know if I could ever adore a person this much but I adore this ravishing friendship. Only you or only this friendship may mean nothing to me. But I am delighted to say that I have both and I have you.

Now, what is all with The Interstellar Twilight. Why this name ? Let me explain it for you. Interstellar means between stars and Twilight means the soft glow when the sun is below the horizon. The Interstellar Twilight means the glow between the stars or simply glow of a cluster of stars. A single star shines but the glow is too low to be noticed against its brightness. But a lot stars together gets a glow. So my friend we are such two stars and our friendship is that glow.

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