How I Created This Blog?

As you would have guessed by now, this blog is created using one such awesome SSG named Pelican. Pelican is simple, customizable and offers lots of themes and plugins. Pelican is python based SSG and is available through pip.

  • Sat 09 January 2021
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Introduction to Prime Numbers

A prime is a positive integer p having exactly two positive divisors, namely 1 and p. An integer n is composite if n > 1 and n is not prime. (The number 1 is considered neither prime nor composite.)

  • Mon 04 January 2021
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HRT Systems Internship Interview Experience

I applied for Systems Internship - Summer 2021 back in December 2020 at Hudson River Trading , New York.....Questions were clear and of medium level. But they were designed in such a way that you must know the basics before you could attempt.

Move WSL 2 Safely to another Drive

It is real pain when you have small SSD and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is growing exponentially in size. There is no easy way to move the WSL installation to another drive. Here in this blog I will discuss how to tackle this problem with bite size steps.